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    Default Happy Anniversary San Diego ComicCon

    Just a reminder of how long it's been, and how far it's come.

    Once upon a time, our hobby would never have gotten this kind of attention.

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    I've only been to a few of conventions. One is a very small, local affair that has a few pros who live in the area that attend. The other was in a hotel convention room in Tinley Park, Illinois. Mosty vendors attending and a few TV actors. The two I remember played roles on Star Trek. One was the very lovely lady who played Spock's intended bride T'Pring and the other was Michael Forrest, who played the god Apollo.

    I know I would never last long at San Diego. I wish I could have gone years ago before it became this huge multi media event. I've added about 4 of the C2E2 and it is a lot bigger than the first one I went to at the original McCormack Place building on the lake. Now it is held in the main exhibition hall in the new complex and it's murder trying to navigate through it all on some days. This year I couldn't even park at their parking lot. I was late leaving home and got there around 1pm and they were already turning away cars. So I parked in a city garage near the Art Institute and took a cab. I feel like this will be my last time going.

    But 50 years! How time flies. All Hail the grand daddy of all fan conventions!

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