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LOL, I know you're likely joking, but just to be clear, I was talking about Eric Masterson being brought to the MCU. Speaking of Eric, I wonder if they might give Jane his codename, Thunderstrike.
They did that in the cartoon.
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Cool that Natalie Portman is back. Hopefully this can get them back together and coexist with the power of Thor. I think making Thor unworthy or killing him would be a huge let down, especially after his whole redemption arc in Avengers. Let them both be Thor, Thor and Lady Thor. Two Thors. Maybe more Thors? Lots of Thors.
This sounds too much like Aaron's run for my tastes .
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This. Valkyrie will rule Asgard, Jane will be it's protector, and Hemsworth/Thor can leave guilt free knowing all his current/expected duties are covered, so he can finally be himself and not what anyone expects him to be, just as was hinted at in Endgame.
That sounds like a bad arc for Thor in my opinion. Makes him sound like a bit of a deadbeat.
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Curious if by the time the movie is out Jane will have a hammer again in the comics or still be Valkyrie
Synergy will dictate that they make her Thor again but at the same time, the comics aren't under the limitations of the movies so I think it's better she have a distinct role from the Thor identity (even if she didn't originate it).
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The MCU takes the stories from the comics and reinterprets them, often for the better. MCU Thor doesn't have the same identity issues that Comic Thor has had in Aaron's run (seriously, guy needs a therapist, not more hammers), So my hope is that Taika will reinterpret the story of Jane-thor, without making OGThor a meandering, miserable, self-loathing sad sack who uses copious amounts of alcohol as a coping mechanism. Or they don't make Jason Aaron a consultant.
Yeah, I'm really hoping this movie does a better job of handling OG!Thor in relation to Jane then Aaron did.
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I dont know if we're ever going to see Sif again, honestly. I hope so, and if Portman/Jane is returning (who saw that coming?) you never know.....but I don't see it. Still, most of Thor's supporting cast is dead now, with only Val, Korg, and Mieik (spelling?) left; even with Jane returning I feel like there'd be room for Sif.....and given the movie's title I could see them maybe trying some kind of weird romance thing between Val, Thor, and Sif, with Jane tossed in as the ex.
One of my biggest disappointments with this franchise is how much they bungled Thor's supporting cast outside Loki, Odin, and I guess Valkyrie...?
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Wonder who the big bad is gonna be. Must be a powerhouse to require the combined efforts of 2 Thors & the new Queen of Asgard to bring them down.
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I want Ulik because he's cool, but nah it'll be Gorr, that's fine.
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What about Mangog, especially if they are pulling from Aaron's run?
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If love is going to be a major theme in the movie I want Enchantress.
Gorr would fit with the influence of Aaron's run.

I guess Mangog would too since that was the last storyline of Jane's Thor run.

Enchantress is probably the most popular Thor villain they haven't used yet. That being said, it would be kind of weird to see her after they kind of wasted Skurge with Ragnarok.