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    Quote Originally Posted by Killerbee911 View Post
    Bishop is fine on the Marauders but he would be fine on X-force. He can work as either intelligence or the wet work side
    Agreed. And the truth is we may see rosters change within a few issues. I'm still scarred by Betsy dying in X-Treme #2. And Hank left the team shortly after.
    Chamber joined Rosenberg's Uncanny fairly quickly and he wasn't advertised as part of the roster. So anything goes !

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    Honestly, Bishop needs revitalization anyway and putting him on a different type of team as an ongoing member isn't a bad idea. Bishop has a decent working relationship with Storm, I think he will be fine working with Kitty and Iceman, and I honestly think that Bishop is the one character who might be more willing to work with Emma than the others. I do kind of wish Bishop and Sage could be on a team together again because I liked them as a sort of, maybe, couple. But otherwise I am ok with Bishop being on the Marauders.

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    I wonder if they will keep the pirate thing going. I am not sure I am liking it.

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