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    Default Gaara (Naruto) vs Byakuya (Bleach)

    Kage vs Captain. Byakuya has his upgraged shikai while Gaara has gold dust and can use the magnet release. Who wins?

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    Byakuya... should be fast enough and personally powerful enough to blitz Gaara and get past his defences with the level of raw power he has.

    Again, my usual caveat of the Bleach speed algorithm being a bit sketchy in places applies but Gaara isn't exactly in possession of a wealth of speed feats in the latter end of the series.


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    I'm going to ignore both the gold dust and magnet release things. The first because he only used gold dust in a clone to beat a very particular enemy, and the second because giving him an ability he's never had so we have no idea how skilled he'd be with it.

    As for Gaara and speed. While he's not known for being the kind of guy that zips around the place, he's got a few feats of reacting to movement from people like jinchuuriki Madara and eight gates Gai. So I think he'd at least be able to block the first few blow from Byakuya.

    The problem is that Byakuya's bankai can just keep attacking Gaara pretty much non stop without allowing him much chance for a counter offensive. So I think that Byakuya would eventually just wear Gaara down with a constant blade storm.

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