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    Talking Dormammu vs The Octessence

    The Octessence: Cytorrak, Balthakk, Watoomb and others

    They say an otherworldly dimensional being is the supreme power in their home dimension. Obviously, there are limits to this general rule, as when Galactus started to consume Mephisto's Hell. Taking it up a notch from Mephisto and let's say it's Dormammu who's in his home dimension. The Octessence, as a unified team, decide to invade the Dark Dimension and divide it up amongst themselves after the battle, they plan to lay down a beating on Furnace Face. Dormammu is unaware of the invasion until the Octessence magically appear in his dimension. How would the battle go?

    PS. The Mindless Ones are not in the battle.

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    Depends. Are all dimensional monarch's created equal? How much of a power drop will they face brute-forcing their way into another dimension?

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    They're no longer in their place of power, and as such take a bit of a punch in the gonads when it comes to oomph. And Dormammu seems to be a cut above the norm for such beings, anyway.

    It's a fight, to be sure. I think it's possible that eight fighting one, they can take him. That's a lot of power, even if it's nerfed somewhat by being away from their home dimension (or 'themselves', depending).
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    The post crisis Quintessence might be a better match though it might be too much for Dormy.

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    Edit: Never mind.

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