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    Quote Originally Posted by Punisher007 View Post
    Dooku defeated Obi Wan and Anakin in rapid succession, and held his own against Yoda. Kylo, got beaten by a girl with no training whatsoever, still couldn't beat her in the next film, and even a non-Force User managed to slice him good across the shoulder.

    No contest, Dooku would eat Kylo alive in a duel.
    Kylo had a giant bleeding blaster wound in his gut and was emotionally unstable (more so than usual) when he fought a trained soldier who got one hit in before Kylo wrecked him. Then, while having the aforementioned blaster wound and light saber cut, he fought a girl who was experienced combat from several years of surviving on her own on a dangerous planet and who is naturally attuned to the force.

    Dooku's skills and stability generally make him a rather perfect counter to Kylo. But his record isn't exactly spotless. Dude got captured by regular ass mercenaries during the clone wars.

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    ^Yeah, that's kind of confirmed by Snoke that he wasn't thinking clearly due to killing Han. "....And look at you, the deed split your spirit to the bone. You were unbalanced... Bested by a girl who had never held a lightsaber! You failed!"

    He was also extremely hesistant in TLJ when about to attack Leia (Interestingly, the 'wipes' are very similar to those seen at the end of ESB when Vader is trying to telepathically contact Luke in the Falcon). Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisIII View Post
    I wonder how Ren would do against his namesake ("Ben" Obi-Wan Kenobi)....or his grandfather.
    Being a big Star Wars fan and a huge boxing fan Iíll combine the two and break it down that way. 😂

    Ben/Kylo vs Anakin. Fast and ferocious fight. Both start strong using force powers. Kyloís overs eager, Takes the early rounds. Anakin comes back with a vengeance. Itís an aesthetically pleasing fight but Anakin sees him off with a points win, Anakin also takes a couple of limbs in the process.

    Ben/Kylo vs Obi Wan. Ben rushes in and takes the fight for granted. Obi Wan settles in, uses his patience and skill. Kylo appears to take the upper hand during the mid rounds but Obi Wan gets a late stoppage in similar fashion to the Anakin and Grievous fight. Kylo doesnít survive.

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