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My only problem with setting it in the 1940's is the way so many writers try to put 2019 values in historic people.

One of my favorite things in Roy Thomas' All-Star Squadron was his use of Starman as a bit racist. Both Starman and Sandy were shown with very negative reactions to a Japanese heroine as a teammate. Roy didn't have some big story where they were brought around to seeing how wrong they were. They were simply reflecting 1940's wartime opinions rather than being made to hold the correct views of the 1980s.

If our 1930-1940's Superman show can have realistic ideas like that, I'm more interested than a show where every member of the supporting cast holds anachronistic views on race, gender, and such. I'm not objecting to say Lois being a proto-feminist, for example, but rather to her views then being shared by Perry, Jimmy, Lana … I want some of the main characters (but not necessarily Clark) to reflect the outdated ideas without somehow being WOKE in the course of an episode.
Well Clark *is* called the Man of Tomorrow. I don’t really see the problem with him being more progressive than his compatriots, the early Golden Age Superman has some fairly radical/progressive views for his day. Ultimately we need to like the protagonist and people aren’t going to like Clark if he’s being explicitly racist or sexist. That said I have no problem with the people around Supes holding “old-fashioned” values.