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Reading you, I've realized why Cyborg just doesn't work with the JLA. He's a character who needs a family to work. He needs Gar and Kory and Dick and so on.
The League could never provide this for him.
Pretty much. One of the best things about each of the old Titans was their relationship with one another. Cy was no exception. Aside from the Trinity, the league rarely ever feels like more than just a group of co-workers.

I also love the Super-Sons dynamics, Damian works better with light-hearted heroes. His pair with Dick was great, with Bruce, not so much.
While I agree with most of this, I do like Bruce and Damian together under certain circumstances. Like Tomasi's Batman and Robin series. Or his run of Tec right now. They have a nice Father/Son thing going on and I'm glad that whole "we aren't on speaking terms" crap just sorta fizzled out. They'll never be the same level of greatness that was his partnership with Dick. But I still think they're pretty great sometimes