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    Default Jon and Chris Kent - make it happen!

    So, how would you have Lois and Clark have both boys? You can use 17 year old Jon or 10 year old. New 52 Lor-Zod or post-COIE. Reboot entire universe, if you so desire. Whatever you need to incorporate both of them into the family. But I think an adopted child works well, conceptually for Superman, even though young!Chris was not a very developed character (much better when older). I just love Jon, too.

    Unlike most I've seen, I like the idea of Chris as a younger brother to Jon. Partially to avoid speed-aging him and have Jon in the right generational track to hang out with Damian and such. But also because I like the idea of Jon being a big brother - I think he'd be good at it. Though annoyed sometimes and wanting to spend time with his own friends instead of the little brother, because that's totally normal. I knew it would never happen, but I was pretending I hate hope until I saw the new Lor-Zod. He's not a patch on the old, if you ask me. And doesn't look like him, either.

    I like the idea of a six-year-old Chris being uneasy around Lois and Clark at first - he's known nothing but neglect and abuse from the adults in his short life. But another kid - that's something he's never known. Jon's only twelve, so Chris' guard is less up with him. Then factor in that none of the three know he's Zod and Ursa's child at first. Do they see the signs of abuse or did any surface marks heal as soon as he was exposed to a yellow sun? They would eventually learn the truth, both of his biological parentage, and of the abuse. Dealing with an abused child is not something any of the three - especially Jon - have any in-depth experience with an abused child, so their may be missteps at first. But they become a family.

    If rebooting, I'd skip the hybrid-vigor, and Jon is less powerful than Clark (though still far in excess of any human). It's not something that bothers Jon. But later, when Chris, who is way younger, is stronger than him, that does bother him just a bit at first. He may try to talk about it with Damian. But Damian is less than sensitive at times, and himself hangs out with a younger kid way stronger than himself, so will likely just give him a Look that conveys that idea.

    Chris would end up back the Phantom Zone at 14, and end up meeting Thara essentially as he originally did, but aging real-time and meeting her and coming home at 17. Those three years would be hell for the family. Clark and Lois would be bound and determined to get him back, but have no access to PZ. Maybe say he got a great scholarship to fantastic boarding school Gotham Academy (Headmaster Hammer could be brought around to this, I think). And they miss him on holidays and birthdays and have to make up stories that he was home. And then they days they are happy, they sometimes feel bad over it. Then he's back. And once they are sure it's him, it is an adjustment. Because he's grown now. He's also been tortured, and has scars (as he did in comics). There's elation and guilt and sadness for what they missed - things I think they should feel. And then Headmaster Hammer says he'll actually have to pass all the exams for Gotham Academy if he expects to be awarded a diploma from there.

    Also considered during time back home where he hasn't told family yet, whether or not Chris might seek out Damian for a place to hide. Damian's Jon's friend, and his first loyalty would be there, but the Waynes believe in lying to family, so he might go along with Chris and Thara's plan for time being.
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    Same age and Damian's the same age too. All for Super Sons, Triple Trouble.

    Story-wise, basically, after the battle that broke them out of Phantom Zone, there will be multiple encounters where Chris realize that hey, this family suck, and he began curiously contacting Jon on his own. There was a period of mistrust, some common grounds, and some secrets were kept from each of their families until it blows up in a Super Family vs Super Family event, let's say a year from then, and Chris had to make a choice, not unlike Damian choosing Dick and Bruce over Talia.

    I want Damian to be involved somewhere along the way because he's experienced in dealing with kids seeking approval, rebellion, and identity. Based on himself and his formerly evil counterparts in his books, Duren Darga and Mara al Ghul.

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    I'd rather see Jon and Lara than Jon and Chris.
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    I always loved Chris, and when Jon first showed up I remember thinking how much less I liked him compared to Chris... I eventually warmed up to Jon, but I've still got a very soft spot in my heart for the gentler, shyer Chris, as opposed to the more gung-ho, expressive Jon.

    I really want them to have, you know, a kind of brotherly relationship.

    The thing I'd worry about is whether DC could resist two brothers turning into an evil one and a good one, especially if one is a Zod. Of course it'd be nonsense if it ever happened that way. They should be good friends, and fight no more than any two brothers. Which is, admittedly, a lot most of the time, but not involving, you know, murderism.

    Also, as I've said before, I kind of want a series where Jon, Kon, and Mon-El are all "Superboys," and while none of Chris' names fit the "[ ]on" naming scheme paradigm, there's probably something there with Lor-Zod and Lar Gand.

    Hrm. I wonder if he could change his name to Lor-El. I mean, we know that happened sometimes on Krypton, right? Someone changes their family ties?

    Quote Originally Posted by Celgress View Post
    I'd rather see Jon and Lara than Jon and Chris.
    I ship Kal with like eight different people, but I have trouble seeing him having kids with multiple of them in the same timeline. I'm not a huge fan of Lara Kal-El to begin with, but I'm not opposed to her existence.

    Imagine her coming to Jon's world and being totally confounded that her father ended up with Lois Lane of all people, while everyone there is confounded that in her world he wound up with Diana.

    And that's when we start rolling out the kids from the Maxima and Cat Grant timelines...
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