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    Default Alita vs. Spider-Man

    First body(technically second) Alita from the movie vs. MCU Spider-Man in Iron-Spider suit.
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    Just saw Alita, liked the movie!

    as for the fight, Alita doesn't stand much of a chance.

    Strength: Alita is strong, Spidey is stronger still, by a lot. He has plenty of multi-ton feats in his first movie and in FFH. lifting a fallen concrete building of himself, slowing down a ferry boat that has been cut in half, slowing down a falling tower. what does Alita have? Tifa kicking a big robot arm off? that's not cutting it.

    Speed/agility: not as big of a difference as strength, but still significant. Alita isn't dodging her way out of those 50 drones in FFH in this body.

    Durability: Spider-man is wearing a stark suit basically that, combined with his own durability allowed him to withstand multiple hits from Thanos. Alita would explode from 1 hit from the titan.

    Range game: Alita has none, Spider-man has impact webbing, web grenades, stun webbing and his already potent normal webbing, if Alita gets webbed up its over as well. instant-kill mode with those tough tenticles will also damage her most likely.

    All Alita has over spidey is fighting ability in panzer kunst, which won't do anything if her opponent is a lot faster and stronger, oh and can essentially fight her with his eyes closed thanks to pre-cog

    No, we need to put her in the berserker suit with the damascus sword, then she has a counter for the webbing at least and i'm sure the sword will cut spidey, even though he is still faster and stronger so she would have to work for it.

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