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    Quote Originally Posted by JAK View Post
    I think that shark got jumped a loooong time ago, lol - but in principle, yes.
    Yeah, you're not wrong. Batman stopped being human a long, long time ago.

    I don't mind the idea of young parents, really. That wasn't a bad idea. But it wasn't his. You're absolutely right in that Didio is completely inconsistent, and it's because he wears the company wallet on his sleeve - yes, we know it's a business, but when he essentially says things like (in 2011) "this will stay in continuity because it sold well" with no plan to back that up... there's a problem.
    Well, I sorta really respect his going all in with the company line. I mean, he goes *all in!* Every idea is great and he's just really, really excited about it. And I think that, at least one some level, he's authentic. He really is excited. But when the income statement comes out and he realizes the market isnt responding, he jumps with incredible reaction time to something else. Which is a double edged sword (I hate how reactionary DC is, sometimes you gotta ride the wave of unrest to get to the good parts of a new idea) but it's remarkable how fast (by corporate standards) he can pivot. And the next new thing? He's equally excited about it as he was the last new thing, and just as convinced it's gonna be great.....even when it's the exact opposite of what he was saying a month ago. It's really kind of amazing to watch someone take their responsibility of putting good spin on their employer to such extremes.

    It's funny, I like a tight continuity, but not necessarily in the sense of ages. On that front, keeping it "general" is fine.
    Just give me vague age brackets and I'm happy. Tell me that Clark is 35-40, Conner is 17-21, Nightwing is 24-28, stuff like that. Just so I have an idea of where the character is in life and can adjust my expectations on their behavior. If Clark Kent is only 22, I expect him to act very differently than if he's 40, yknow?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacred Knight View Post
    This is why I think they should create/use another Superman.
    I don't see why they don't do more Alternate Universe/Earth/Multiverse stories/books/on-goings. It gives people who want to see "What If?" stories and Superman acting differently what they want while also leaving the main version of the character in play.

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    ELSEWORLD'S FINEST was the title of a book featuring Supergirl and Batgirl, but I think that would make a good group title for an ongoing series of What-Ifs--mainly featuring the Batman and Superman families, yet not excluding other DC characters.
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