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    Abby Arcane. No question.

    Dolphin is a close second place.

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    I think DC has the most gorgeous and
    Hottest women in the history of comics
    And amoung them Selina Kyle is
    The most purrrfectly quailed for the
    Crown of sexiest ............ just ask the worlds
    Greatest detective
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    Okay, first off? A big "BOO" for not letting us include Grayson. I mean, he's the obvious, canonical #1 sexiest man in the DCU!

    Which.....I suppose, makes it less fun since everyone else is just competing for that #2 spot......

    Okay. So I've always found this sort of topic a little weird. I mean, these are two dimensional drawings of fictional characters, and for the most part they all look alike (super model/body builder/porn star body types). I dunno, some people can get into drawings and cartoons but I'm not one of them. So I'm kinda looking at this from a "character" standpoint more than anything.


    1. Starfire. I mean, she's got that crazy porn star body, even by the standards of superheroes, she's comfortable with her sexuality and knows what she likes, she's kind, sweet, funny in a accidental sort of way....she's basically every guy's "Swedish exchange student" fantasy but with super strength and flight and better hair.

    2. Ivy. She's got that crazy redhead vibe going on, a great figure, and on top of that is just leaking that femme fatale sexy "I might kill you after I kiss you and you'll still love it" attitude. I used to get into a lot of very fun trouble with redheads, and ended up being very, very wary of them as a result (so much much trouble!) but even I have to admit, Ivy's one sexy chick.

    3. Lois Lane. She's usually the sharpest woman in the room, and has achieved great success in her field without sacrificing her feminism and sex appeal. Plus.....those pencil skirts man. Hard to resist brains and beauty, especially when they're wrapped up in those tight pencil skirts. When Erica Durance played her.....yeah, after years and years of reading Superman comics, I finally got why Clark would chase this girl so hard. I would too if I were him.

    4. Black Canary. Okay, this is mostly just a "me" thing but I really dig a hardcore, badass biker chick who's also sexy as hell and knows it. And Dinah's probably got the best ass in the hero community. She mixes that biker aesthetic with some retro Marilyn Monroe sensibilities (especially under Timm's art; that hair is great) and seems like she'd be at home drinking beer in a bar or in a gown at a ball. And she can sing like nobody's business, and I am a total sucker for a sexy singing voice.

    5. Zatanna. There's something very appealing about that knowing twinkle in her eye and the slight smile that says she probably approves of whatever you're thinking, and she fills out the tux better than just about anyone. Probably got some of the best legs in comics too. I gotta admit, I've never really thought of Zee as "sexy" but trying to think of who #5 would be she seemed about the only really viable option.....though I also considered Vixen and Roxy Rocket and Power Girl and a few others, and Shay Veritas would probably get my vote here if her character hadn't taken a weird detour in the pages of Supergirl (I really was digging that crazy skin tone/hair color combo and her weird skintight science outfit and the mystery of who she was, as well as her intellect; that was one damn smart woman!).


    To this day I don't get what women find appealing about guys. But I'll give it a shot. In no particular order.

    1. Kyle Rayner. I'm guessing, in keeping with his "everyman" archetype, Kyle's probably not *that* good looking. Like, good looking in an above average sorta way, but not stopping traffic. But he's a sweet, sensitive guy in touch with his emotions and he's an artist. And women love artists.

    2. Kaldur'am/Aqualad. Stoic and calm but with hints of a deeper passion lurking beneath the surface, with great skin and pretty eyes. Hell, even *I* think Kaldur's kinda pretty.

    3. Bruce Wayne. Tall, handsome, intense and brooding. Looks good in a suit. Seems almost textbook doesn't it?

    4. Ollie Queen. He's passionate and really believes in his cause and helping the little guy. He can cook one hell of a chili. A great outdoorsman and capable of taking care of himself. And emotionally broken and jackass-y, which a lot of women seem to be drawn to? A little shaggy, but some girls like that too.

    5. John Stewart. Black, bald, and beautiful. He's smart as hell, and being an architect is sort of like being an artist who can also build stuff. A soldier's discipline and the passion of an angry black man who matured out of his "pissed off at everyone, chip on his shoulder" phase. I imagine John would make women feel very safe and protected.
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    Soranik Natu

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    At the top of my head...
    1. Karen Starr
    2. Dick Grayson
    3. Diana
    4. Selina Kyle
    5. Bruce Wayne
    6. Poison Ivy
    7. Starfire
    8. Superman
    9. Arthur Curry
    10. Mera
    11. Jason Todd
    12. Vixen
    13. Zatanna
    14. Hal Jordan
    15. Kyle Rayner
    16. Wally West
    17. Garth
    Starting to slow down...
    18. Deathstroke
    19. John Constantine
    20. Lois Lane
    21. Artemis
    22. Talia al Ghul
    23. Conner Kent
    ...I think I ran out... there should be more...

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    1. Starfire
    2. Catwoman
    3. Dawnstar
    4. Vixen
    5. Dolphin

    1. Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
    2. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
    3. Hawkman (Katar Hol)
    4. Batman (Bruce Wayne)
    5. Superman (Clark Kent)

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    There are quite a few for the women. A lot have been mentioned already but for good reason. I'm going to try to throw a few in that haven't been yet.

    1. Poison Ivy. Gorgeous and deadly, in many iterations her sexiness is a big part of her power set and she knows how to use it.

    2. Catwoman. Sleek, seductive and a skintight leather cat suit.

    3. Lois Lane. Unlike the first two her sexiness comes from being very capable and tough as nails. Also as mentioned before those pencil skirts. Lol.

    4. Starfire. Golden skin, long fiery hair. Foreign appeal and a models body and suit. Plus major power to back all that.

    5. Lashina. Whips. That is all. She was always my favotive of the female furies. Lol.

    6. Star Sapphire. Sexy outfit. Pretty powerfull. She's a queen and goes after what she wants. And in her Carol Ferris persona she's very capable and strong.

    7. Mera. Long red hair. Can more than hold her own with her counterpart Aquaman. And the underwater aspect is cool.

    8. Barda. Strong. Can kick your ass across the universe and look good doing it.

    9.Zatanna. Fun, playful and fishnets. Magic.

    10. Huntress/Helena Bertenelli. Italian. Doesn't take crap from anyone, including Batman and has a kick ass costume. Especially that Jim Lee one.

    11. Power girl. Uh eyes up here.

    12. Fire. Brazillian. She turns on fire.

    13. Crimson Fox. She drove the JLI crazy with her sex appeal.

    1. Hal Jordan. Just watch Top Gun. Confident, cocky cowboy who always pulls out the win with a mischevous smile.

    2. Hawkman/Carter Hall. You have the Indiana Jones professor aspect. Then the rugged, bare chested, manly warrior one as well.

    3. Bruce Wayne. Filthy rich. Famous. Good looking and brooding.

    4. Roy Harper. Bad boy, tragedy case. For the ones who are into that.

    5. Maxwell Lord. His charisma is a big part of his character so it fits.
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    The ever-sexy (without even trying) Dr. Jenet Klyburn of S.T.A.R. Labs.
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    I may be more unorthodox than I assumed.

    For women :
    1. Starfire/Koriand'r. I mean, really, is there any other female character who ooze sex-appeal like she does without wanting it (yes, I'm looking at you, Selina Kyle and Pamela Isley!)
    2.Vixen - she is a model, got very wealthy because of it, so for me, she has to have that natural sexiness which attracts people's attention so easily, without looking slutty.
    3. Barda. I like tall chicks, and she is beautiful, so... Hrm, next !
    4.Powergirl (Karen Starr). I know that the cleavage window is intentional by the artists, but the character isn't trying to be sexy. She just is.
    5. Ya'wara. She was mentioned earlier, but, again, while she is clearly drawn to look sexy, the character doesn't dress that way for that and that's way she makes the cut for me.

    Honorable mentions : Mera, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Hawkgirl, Dolphin. All are beautiful but don't have the "sexiness factor" in my eyes.

    For men :
    Ace : Dick Grayson. Because we all know it. He rules above all the others !
    1. Bruce Wayne. He's getting old, but I think that his playboy persona wouldn't work if he wasn't incredibly sexy. At least, not as well.
    2. Kaldur'ham. The dude doesn't even try and he has such a magnetic presence in the cartoon... I hope the character will finally achieve it in comics
    3. Aquaman. Bearded or not. With or without long hair and tattoos the King of the Seven Seas is stunning !
    4. Apollo. I think he must be incredibly good-looking and since he's very open about him and Midhnighter being a couple, I can see him having that "sexiness factor"
    5. Jason Todd. While not as attractive as his "big brother", I'm willing to bet that he has that bad boy vibe which attracts some women easily.

    Honorable mentions : John Stewart, Midnighter, Black Lightning, Azrael.

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    1. John Constantine
    2. Kaldur'ahm (YJ)
    3. Wally West
    4. Apollo
    5. Roy Harper

    1. Poison Ivy
    2. Starfire
    3. Zatanna
    4. Jessica Cruz
    5. Donna Troy

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    Oops, forgot about Lashina. She’s definitely on my list.

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    damn, I need to reassess my list, you guys are dropping some interesting picks I didn't think about.


    I don't mind if y'all go over the 5x5 list limit but i want this to be inclusive so please do both sexes. it's just a thread, don't be shy guys. we're sexualizing everyone!
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    Starfire drawn by George Perez
    Dream Girl during the Levitz era
    Power Girl
    all grown up Arisia (Green Lantern)

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    It's not really something that I've given too much thought towards to be honest. I've always had a thing for Supergirl but that's mainly through the live action portrayals of the character (Helen Slater, Melissa Benoist).

    I think I'd have to say Donna Troy. She's been drawn consistently beautifully since the George Perez days. I guess you could say the exact same thing about Starfire.

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    Oh, and I've grown to really dig redheads as I've grown older. So I'll also say both Lilith Clay and Mera.

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