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    Default The Asgard (Stargate) vs Asgard (MCU)

    Honestly just doing this because every time I see a thread about MCU Asgard, my brain kicks over to thinking about Stargate.

    Full scale war is happening. Both are at the peak of their power relative to what they showed in the movies/tv series (so not like, mythical pre-series stuff in either case). Or just answer with whatever versions of things you want.
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    The Stargate Asgard have done things like collapse a sun into a black hole and create a time dialation device which can affect a whole planet. Not sure MCU Asgard has anything which could counter those two things.

    EDIT: I just realized MCU Asgard does have a counter. Bifrost plus Heimdall. Heimdall would see the Stargate Asgard coming long before they could get close enough to affect their world or their sun. And when he does all he has to do is target their ships with Bifrost.
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