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    Default The face of the magical DCU: Doctor Fate vs. Zatanna vs. Wonder Woman

    DC does a crappy job of promoting anything not directly linked to Batman. We all know this. Marvel does not have this particular problem (it has others, but not this singular dependency problem).

    Marvel has no problem promoting Doctor Stange as the face of its Magical Department, while still leaving some room for others like the Scarlet Witch.

    It seems to me that DC needs to follow suit and select one hero as the magical face.

    I see three obvious candidates:

    1. Doctor Fate. The clear DC counterpart to Doctor Strange. Pros: has all the magical feats you could want (going back thru all of Fate's decades). Cons: that helmet leaves even less room for facial expression than Deadpool's mask.

    2. Zatanna. Similar to Scarlet Witch in that in most origins she's also a daughter of a powerful male figure. Pros: Female hero who has clearly and justly surpassed the elder male version. Cons: classic outfit isn't exactly cutting edge.

    3. Wonder Woman. Yes, she's really like DC's Thor, but that hasn't been working out for her all that great (esp with Zeus and Jason). Pros: instant familiarity and could finally finally own a corridor of the DCU like Supes and Bats do. Cons: would have to shift from physical strength and fighting to spells and such, still couldn't surpass either Zatanna nor Doctor Fate.

    My take: Fate is out. The helmet confines him to a supporting character at best. Zatanna vs Wonder Woman is the title bout IMO. I can't see them de-emphasizing her physical traits in favor of more magical ones.

    Zatanna gets my vote.

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