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The 90s were not exactly a fertile time for creativity or anything but the bog standard in the X-books in terms of character iterations. That's why Maggott, Marrow and Cecilia to a lesser extent all got the shaft, among others. He was mocked and dismissed by an audience and company reared on and working with generic brand X-Men - and the writing for him didn't help. If Maggott had come up under Morrison or in the 2000s he'd likely still be in heavy rotation today. There's always a chance to do that now. Today 'weird' characters like that are featured regularly.
True, if someone like Glob Herman can get traction today, Maggott should be an easy sell, by comparison. (And Maggott wasn't introduced as part of a faction of human-hating mutant-supremacist druggies rioting at Xaviers and attacking human visitors, a riot that was only stopped by a mutant teen *killing herself* to telepathically shut them down, so he's got that over Glob, too.)