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    Default HOUSE OF X [02] : The Uncanny Life of Moira X *Spoilers*

    Just wanted to create a thread for this. I will be posting my thoughts.

    No X-Men show up in this. Sorry. Well except for Xavier. I don't count Magneto or Mystique as X-Men. Sorry not sorry.

    If you already read the spoilers you know this issue is about Moira McTaggert. Hopefully I spelled that last name correctly. It's a huge retcon and you realaize why that page is the most important.

    Basically everything she has gone through is still active in her memory. So when she first meets Xavier he reads her mind. And they decide. To break all the rules. And I believe this is why we're getting the Krakoan era.

    Moira has bascially gone through ten lives already because she is a mutant.

    The biggest retcon that works and it makes sense without really messing up anything that has gone on previously.

    I do love why she partners with Magneto and Apocalypse. She was radicalized by previous experiences and does what she thinks are the only options she has not tried.

    The scene with Destiny, Mystique, and Pyro was great. Loved the whole dynamic and interactions. I hope we get confirmation about the Pyro that will be in Maruaders.
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