I already talked about the Thuggish incarnation of Thanos from the Marvel NOW that started with Bendis' Avengers Assemble arc and Aaron's Thanos Rising and It would be a nice idea to explore the stuff thatís been done with him post Imperative, from Aaron, Bendis (yuck) to Hickman and Lemire. Aside from Starlinís OGNs heís been all over the place in comics, with plenty of out of character moments for both him and Mistress Death.

I think, if i were a Marvel writer, there should be a cosmic event about the return of the Thanosi clones to explain the bad characterisation and jobbing moments under Bendis writing in Assemble, Civil War II and GOTG#19. And the mastermind behind the return of the Thanosi is the death god Walker (from Peter David's Captain Marvel run), Who disguised himself as the scantly clad version of Mistress Death and manipulated the real Thanos with fake memories (Thanos Rising) in order to make him less intelligent, more violent and miserable* in order to destroy his spirit before moving to his ultimate goal of eliminating the real Mistress Death and take her place. Then Thanos would team up with Doctor Strange, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop Walker and his army of new Thanosi from ruining the universe. This includes a reveal that Thane was never Thanos' biological son but actually a special Thanosi with Inhuman genes.

*adressing why in Hickman, Lemire and Cates stuff he was a jumping thugbeast who never uses his brains like he used to and why he couldn't come up with something more complex than a primitive spear after he got depowered by Thane.