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    Default Inspector Javert vs. The Phantom of the Opera

    During his attempt to trap the Phantom of the Opera, Raoul does NOT call on just any Paris police, but rather Inspector Javert (Les Miserables). After the Chandelier falls, Raoul is held up, and instead it is Javert who receives Madame Giry's warning (Keep your hand at the level of your eyes) and pursues the Phantom into his layer. Can Javert make the arrest, or will Christine be forced to marry the Phantom of the Opera.

    This is the standard Broadway musical versions of each character. No help, so Christine and Raoul aren't able to interfer for whatever reason.

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    Javert is incredibly persistent, but I don't recall him having any other notable skills or powers. He can also be rather abrasive and his stubbornness and pride may cause him to ignore advice. I see him definitely being able to track the Phantom down through the maze of catacombs, but ultimately falling to the noose. His best bet may be to goad the Phantom out into the open and shooting him, but Phantom may not fall for it.

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    Is Javert allowed to use his meteor swarm? (see 2:03)

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