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    Default The Sensational Spider-Man:Self Improvement.Discussion (Spoilers)

    An interesting comic book with two stories by Peter David,Rick Leonardi,Tom De Falco,Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema !
    Talk about a comic book with many acclaimed comic book creators.
    I liked both the stories, all though as much as i like Leonardi´s illustrations (Spider-Man 2099 is awesome with art by him), it was the art of Ron Frenz and inked by Sal Buscema that was the best. As a fan of Sal Buscema art way back to the Hulk stories i find the comic books with art by Sal Buscema to be something else in storytelling and cool to look at.
    The first story, it´s the adaptation of the story pitch by Randy Schueller that was not published in 1982 but is now by Peter David and Rick Leonardi.Schueller´s was the one who idea of a Spider-Man black costume that was bought by Jim Shooter,Marvel Editor of that time.
    There is a new design of Spider-Man black costume by Rick Leonardi,and besides that adaptation of the pitch by Peter David and Rick Leonardi there are extra´s in this comic book with notes about the story ideas of Schueller´s with notes by Tom de Falco.
    The second story is a new story by Tom De Falco and Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema (The creative team of Spider-Man stories post Secret Wars 1) when Spider-Man changed to the black costume.
    So, story wise and art wise this was an awesome Spider-Man comic book.

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    Great issue.

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    I really enjoyed the second story, but the main story was really underwhelming IMO. I’m glad that’s not the origin story of the black suit that they used.
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