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    The Avengers
    The Amazing Spider-Man
    The X-Men
    The Fantastic Four
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Captain America
    Iron Man
    Doctor Strange
    Captain Marvel
    The Champions
    Marvel Team-Up
    Marvel Two-In-One (Ms Marvel is the star)
    Tales of Suspense (Spy stories: Nick Fury etc.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKtheMac View Post
    I suspect some of your obvious titles wouldn’t be viable in this alternative reality. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, F4 and Hulk have not always sold well. Even Avengers has been desperate at times in its history.

    Marvel would need to sell huge numbers to make 16 books viable.

    Given the statement in this months Comichron preliminary report that “For the last 20 years, monthly periodical sales in comics shops have oscillated around a mean of about 7 million copies a month”, dropping to 16 books would surely let Marvel’s competition expand into the market and potentially squeeze them out entirely. Marvel maintain their strong position by keeping their title list long and varied.
    I don't understand why you think Marvel would have to sell huge numbers to make 16 comic books viable. Unless their printing costs per copy would go up enormously, I don't see that. Fewer comics lowers Marvel's costs. They would need fewer writers, artists, editors, etc. Stan used to edit a line this big solo. While not everyone is Stan Lee, it wouldn't be unreasonable to have two editors overseeing the whole line. Maybe I don't understand the business of comics, but I don't think this couldn't be done. I just don't know why they would do it.
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    Forget sixteen titles.

    Thirty titles is the number to shoot for. Just enough titles for everyone, but not too many that Marvel editors can't practice some form of quality control while still managing to hire better artist and writers.

    Two Avengers titles
    Two X-Men
    Fantastic Four
    The Amazing Spider-Man
    Peter Parker Spider-Man
    Web Of Spider-Man with Miles Morales
    Spider-Man Family. This is where you see the adventures of the rest of the spider folks.
    Captain America
    Captain Marvel
    Young Avengers
    Guardians Of The Galaxy
    Marvel team-up
    Black Panther
    Doctor Strange
    A book where it's a mix of golden age characters and new characters taking up the mantle of old golden age heroes.
    Alpha Flight
    Marvel Comics Presents
    Ghost Rider
    Heroes For Hire

    That is just the superhero line. The Star Wars and Conan stuff can go untouched.
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    In no particular order...

    of note, if cutting to 16 books, I would expand the page count to be more along the lines of the new DC giants (maybe 48 or 64 page issues), so have a 20 page lead feature and 2-3 back ups of slightly shorter length, with the cover price being $5. Also taking into considerations licenses or Disney properties under the Marvel banner that Marvel would not shelve taking up slots in the 16. Bigger books feature more characters to broaden appeal possibly increase sales, higher price point generates more revenue per book, trimming down the line increases likelihood of shops ordering enough for shelf copies to give longer window for sales and not just ordering enough to cover pull lists ans sell out on day of release because there are too many books on the market to devote shelf space/capital resources on to carry them all since they are not returnable, and not having books on the shelf greatly limits any potential sales growth a title has. Books are currently trapped in a loop of selling to a small group of preorder customers that shrinks as other new titles/merchandise claim their attention and dollars with no potential of attracting new readers because no one ever sees it on the shelf.

    1. Star Wars
    2. Conan the Barbarian
    3. Avengers
    4. Amazing Spider-Man (Peter and Miles each get stories, other Spider-verse characters rotate back ups, also possible Marvel Team-Up style back up)
    5. Marvel Super-Heroes (anthology book featuring a number of different Marvel characters who don't have their own book, headlined by Captain Marvel Luke Cage, and a couple of other rotating features)
    6. Black Panther (Shuri as a back up, possibly the Crew)
    7. Captain America/Iron Man (co-leads, rotating back ups of other characters)
    8. X-Men
    9. Thor/Hulk (co-leads, rotating back ups)
    10. Daredevil/Marvel Knights (DD leads, other street level heroes fill out the book, Punisher regular back up feature)
    11. Strange Tales (anthology book featuring Marvel's more supernatural characters, headlined by Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider, and a couple of other rotating features)
    12. Fantastic Four (maybe a Franklin and Power Pack back up, a Thing team up back up etc.)
    13. Marvel Comics Presents (another anthology, anchored by Deadpool as the lead, also rotate in characters featured in the films-Eternals. Shang Chi, to explore multiple corners of Marvel in this one)
    14. Guardians of the Galaxy (use the back ups to feature Marvel's more cosmic heroes-Surfer, a Thanos feature, etc.)
    15. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, etc. all inhabit this book)
    16. Marvel's Young Guns (anthology featuring a lot of Marvel's younger or newer heroes, Ms. Marvel. Runaways, Cloak & Dagger, Young Avenger, etc. with Kamela Khan anchoring the book as it's lead and others rotating through).

    Comic fans get the comics their buying habits deserve.

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    New Avengers
    Iron Man
    Captain America
    Black Panther

    Uncanny X-Men

    Spectacular Spider-Man
    Amazing Spider-Man
    Immortal Hulk
    Fantastic Four
    Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel team up book - maybe call it "Marvels" or something.
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    Just 16? Then let's do away with the larger Marvel universe thing and keep it simple.

    * Ultimate Spider-Man
    * Ultimate X-Men
    * The Ultimates
    * Ultimate Marvel Team-Up
    * Ultimate Fantastic Four
    * Nick Fury, Ultimate Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    * Ultimate Captain America
    * Ultimate Iron Man
    * Ultimate Thor
    * Ultimate Hawkeye
    * Ultimate Wolverine
    * Ultimate Daredevil
    * Ultimate Spider-Woman

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    Quote Originally Posted by mugiwara View Post
    1) Amazing Spider-Man
    2) Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
    3) Web of Spider-Man
    4) Spider-Man and Venom
    5) Spider-Man and Wolverine
    6) Venom
    7) Carnage
    8) Venom & Carnage
    9) Venom & Deadpool
    10) Deadpool
    11) Uncanny Deadpool
    12) Deadpool & Wolverine
    13) Wolverine
    12) Savage Wolverine
    13) Avengers (Spider-Man, Wolverine, Deadpool, Venom, Black Panther, Captain Marvel)
    14) Uncanny X-Men (Wolverine, Deadpool, Old Man Logan, X-23, Horny Blader, Sabretooh)
    15) Marvel team-up (featuring new and exciting team ups like Wolverine & Deadpool)
    16) that black dude Spider-Man
    That black dude Spider-Man... Really?! Just like that. That black dude Spider-Man. Wow. I can only imagine how much you might enjoy that. You should start writing the title yourself.

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    1. Amazing Spider-Man
    2. Incredible Hulk
    3. Captain America
    4. Invincible Iron Man
    5. Mighty Thor
    6. Fantastic Four
    7. X-Men
    8. Avengers
    9. West Coast Avengers
    10. Avengers International
    11. Defenders
    12. Power Man & Iron Fist
    13. Guardians of the Galaxy
    14. Black Panther
    15. Captain Marvel
    16. Spirits of Vengeance

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    01. The Avengers
    02. The Black Panther
    03. Captain America and The Falcon
    04. Daredevil and The Black Widow
    05. Dr. Strange
    06. The Defenders
    07. The Fantastic Four
    08. The Hulk
    09. Iron Man
    10. New Mutants
    11. Nova
    12. Power Man/Iron Fist
    13. Spider-Man
    14. Spider-Woman
    15. She-Hulk
    16. The X-Men

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    Sixteen titles are a little thin. I think twenty would be better. I tried to cover every facet of the Marvel Universe by staying true to the original vision of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, but also staying true to the social atmosphere we are living in. I think with the right uninhibited imaginative creators on each of these titles, they could cover the MU and keep it cohesive.

    1) Hulk
    2) Thor
    3) Defenders
    4) Avengers
    5) X-Men
    6) Spider-Man
    7) Iron Man
    8) Captain America
    9) Fantastic Four
    10) Guardians of the Galaxy
    11) Black Panther
    12) Silver Surfer
    13) Doctor Strange
    14) Daredevil
    15) Inhumans
    16) Eternals
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    Avengers (2 books)
    Defenders (the netflix version)
    Cap Marvel
    Ms Marvel
    Black Panther
    X-men (2books)
    Team up
    2 in one
    Astonishing tales

    I am open to different ideas on the last three as to who is the main characters. Astonishing would be anthology maybe 2 or 3 shorter stories per issue

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