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    Default Pitch a DCU Based Legends of Tomorrow Series

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    I'd go with:

    Batman Beyond(from the future)
    Booster Gold
    Bronze Tiger
    Flash(Jay Garrick from the 1940s)
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    - Rip Hunter: Leader, plot device, Mr. Exposition...
    - Firestorm (Ronnie/Stein - hey, I just suddenly wondered if they ever thought to name Ronnie "Frank" so that they'd be "Frank n' Stein" )
    - Atom (Ryan): I like the dynamic between Ray and Stein on the show, but I feel DCU Ray would be much more advanced than Stein as opposed to Ryan who's younger and maybe have a little more to prove to Stein. There's also the possibility of a sibling-ish rivalry with Ronnie over Stein)
    - Heat Wave: No idea what he's like in the comics, but I imagine he's malleable enough you can make him a bit more like the Rory on the show.
    - Star-Girl: I can just see her on a team like this. Good exposure without being overshadowed on a JL team.
    - Phantom Girl (Tinya): In the tradition of Phase in LEGION and the Terrifics having a Phantom Girl. She could be from any number of Legion teams - not sure which would be best, but I figure there should be at least one Legionnaire.
    Last but not least:
    - WHITE CANARY: Place the Arrowverse as one of the parallel earths in the DCU and pretty much take the tv show character and plop her on this team. Maybe have her join this "Legends" crew instead of the one on the tv show so she's still new to the whole concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardstephens View Post
    Mentioned this in another thread, but decided to create one for it. Legends of Tomorrow is an interesting idea and could work really well for DC if actually explored. However it would have to be a Team of B or C list characters or Villains with Redeemable Qualities and a Mission for them.

    Mission: The Legion of Doom unite to manipukate the DCU in different ways creating Anachronisms throughout time, The Team is united to destroy The Legion and guard time:

    Booster Gold
    Ted Kord
    Martin Stein
    Ronnie Raymond
    Guy Gardner
    Leonard Snart
    Jonah Hex
    Jack Ryder
    Mick Rory (Possibly)

    Legion of Doom: Major Timetravelling Villains like Chronos and Thawne who are manipulating time to their own ends
    Forget about it. All the fanboys will be going crazy nonstop over all the continuity screwups that will inevitably occur. It's not worth it!
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    I'd make the main villain of the series the Time Trapper, who is manipulating lesser time villains like Chronos, the Time Commander, etc. into planting seeds throughout time that will eventually lead to his becoming the ultimate power in the universe. To combat the threat, Booster Gold finds himself recruiting allies from all across the timestream to assist him in defeating the Trapper's plans.

    The team includes:
    Booster Gold
    Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) - No way he's letting Booster go on a mission like this without him.
    Inferno - Time and reality displaced Legion member hoping to restore her own timeline along the way.
    OMAC (Buddy Blank) - Futuristic fighting machine. The team's muscle.
    Velvet Tiger - Time-manipulating thief who Booster feels could be a secret weapon in the battle, provided she overcomes her criminal impulses. The true wildcard of the team.
    Nighthawk and Cinnamon - Married crimefighters of the Old West with more knowledge of history than even they're aware of.
    Micron - Future Justice League member who remembers hearing about the mission he finds himself on.
    Lady Blackhawk - WWII-era pilot and general ass-kicker who has experience with time displacement.
    Ultraa the Multi-Alien - Pulled from a century in the future, he's our Ben Grimm/Rex Mason-esque monster with a heart of gold type character.

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    Sara Lance gets ported over to the comics. It’s a time travel show so she doesn’t even need to be Dinah’s sister. Maybe an ancestor from the past or a descendent from the future.
    Heatwave: Legends does for Mick what Suicide Squad did for Digger.
    Firestorm: Stein and one of the others. Doesn’t matter if Ronnie, Jason or even Jax.
    Booster Gold and Ted Kord replacing Ray and Nate.
    Doctor Fate replacing Constantine. Always thought he’d be a better fit. Time travel, guy who sees people’s fates, I think it makes sense.
    Both Vixens: Amaya and Mari.
    Terry McGinnis: for that Batman sales effect

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    Booster and Ted
    Matrix/Linda Danvers
    Firestorm (Ronnie and Jason, since Stein is kinda weird from Doomsday Clock, I would leave him out)
    COnnor Hawke

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    I always thought that the final season of Arrowverse should just be everything packed into Legends of Tomorrow where they face Darkseid or something like that, and have it be 10-12 episodes.

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    My team would be:

    Kid Streak
    Power Boy
    Lady Dove
    Lil Red
    Element Man
    Bouncing Boy

    Mission: Their mission is that the False Face Society has expanded their operations. Now every crime throughout history is committed with their influence, thus causing the Anachronisms.

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    Different versions of certain characters are plucked different timelines to stop a team of criminals trying to control all time.

    Ted Kord - a timeline where he didn't die but Jaime Reyes still took over as Blue Beetle. The leader and technological genius of the group.

    Peacemaker - A World War 2 veteran.

    Judomaster/Sonia Sato - the team's hand to hand combat instructor.

    Crimson Avenger/Jill Carlyle - A skilled martial artist and markswoman with limited precog abilities.

    Phantom Lady/Delilah Tyler - A Checkmate spy recruited for the team.

    Rampage - A superhumanly strong metahuman.

    Lawrence Eden - Saved from death at the hands of the Incubus, Lawrence joins the Legends team in hopes of saving the Nightshade realm from destruction.

    Icemaiden/Sigrid Nansen - The ice metahuman who is saved from being maimed.

    Jet - Former member of the New Guardians.

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    I don't like the show, but the concept is pretty cool so here's my team:

    Rip Hunter - the leader

    Boost Gold (current version)
    Ted Kord (80s JLI version)
    Batman Beyond (Terry)
    Lady Blackhawk (from WWII)
    OMAC (original Kirby one)
    Vixen (Amaya)
    XS (the team's Legionnaire)

    I tried picking characters from various points in history to keep things fun. I'd see the book as a DC version of Exiles, so members would come and go.

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