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If a given show is about a couple being together, it often works pretty well. If a given show is about a couple getting together, then they keep having to invent ways for the couple to never quite complete that journey, or the premise of the show is done.

There are a handful of shows where they successfully transitioned from "getting together" to "being together" (Castle comes to mind), but in general there seems to be a fear to even try. They'd rather risk increasingly implausible stories that get in the way of their relationship (which Castle also did for a time). The Big Bang Theory has also managed it pretty well.
I think shows with an ensemble cast can pull off the transition from getting together to being together more easily. Mainly because they can focus the getting together stuff onto a different couple and try to work out the being together parts for the first - they basically can have their cake and eat it too by virtue of having a second cake.