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    Quote Originally Posted by Drops Of Venus View Post
    It's been retconed for a while now. She was officially portrayed as Gamora's sister in the solo title Gamora had back in 2016/17.
    I think I remember in Jeff Lemire's Thanos book they actually addressed the confusion between Nebula's comic origin and their attempt a synergy origin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davew128 View Post
    The book nobody was asking for...
    The only people asking for a MRondu (Michael Rooker/Yondu) were Disney execs who threatened to do some very un Disney like things to Marvel editorial, aside from that... Yeah no one was asking for a single issue of MRondu, let alone a 5 issue mini series. However I'm sure the Yondu mini will catch with the same group of people that liked McDonald's Arch deluxe hamburger, or Pepsi clear, or Capuccino Trident gum, and the Taco Bell Chalupa }:] (Really Marvel, you knee cap Tradd Moore's Silver Surfer Black for this ? Shrugs, oh well)
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