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    Default Rank the Bat books for 2017

    I'm only ranking the titles that I collect. If they're bad, I'm not buying them and they've been dropped from my list. My ranks from best on down:
    -Robin SOB--I absolutely love Damian. And the creative team has been great.
    -Batman--as much as I hate the stupid Batbot replacing Bruce story, Snyder and Capullo are just so incredible as a creative team that I still like reading it.
    -Grayson--very cool comic (but I still want Dick back as Nightwing)
    -Batman & Robin Eternal---what's not to like? You get a story with all of the Robins involved as well as Cass, Steph and some new villains for the Batman family.
    -Catwoman--I know others don't like it as much, but it's still pretty darn good, IMO. Of course, I'm a big Selina fan so I'm probably biased.
    -'Tec--I like BB & Manapul's take on the book.
    -Batman Beyond
    -Gotham By Midnight
    -Gotham Academy

    That's my list and rankings. What's yours?

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    Grayson edged out over Robin SOB for the art and unique position in the Batfam, plus some backstabbing espionage excitement

    Next Robin SOB for returning Talia to normal though it didn't last long. It propels Gleason as a writer in my book

    Gotham Academy is. So. Cute. I love the characters. Love the art.

    Those are the top tier. The mid-tier in no particular order are

    Batgirl of Burnside for the aesthetic. I love the art style. I think it's a good fit for a Batgirl book. Just not for Barbara since I always imagine her older so this cutesy stuffs don't really fit her. I don't like the writing that much much. Then they wrote probably the worst iteration of Dick Grayson during that time.

    Batman, I'm really interested in Commissioner Batman, and amnesia Bruce Wayne and Joker are interesting but they screwed up badly by making Alfred look selfish by separating father and son, especially Damian who was still ten. Don't even start on what he did in We Are Robin.

    Catwoman... is she back as Catwoman at this time or still mob boss? If it's the latter I'll put it higher, if it's the former, then it's middle tier.

    Gotham by Midnight is interesting, it's just so disconnected with the other book it can be its own universe.

    Low Tier

    Batman and Robin Eternal is something I remember relatively well but it's in the lower tier. Thanks for bringing Cass back, the JayTim interaction, and the art, sometimes, but boy, that plot, the way some characters act, and the way it tried to prop up Harper instead of the Robins is such a misstep.

    Detective Comics... I honestly forget what they're about at this point. I like the part where Gordon works with Justice League, that's new. Other than that it's kinda forgettable.

    Didn't read Batman Beyond because my stance on DC is they shouldn't write future stories when they're still screwing up present stories and backstories

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