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I feel like Surge and Prodigy would be co-leaders. I don’t know why, but I feel like Hope would be at odds with Armor, which most likely means all her Lights would follow suit and

Cuckoos: Noriko
Nature Girl: probably Hisako

Yeah, hit the nail on the head with Glob, Shark Girl, Anole, Trance, and Loa for Hisako. Even though I do agree with Hisako being an Emma-type, if she ever came to blows with Noriko, it would sort of be a redux to Schism.

I would love to see Mercury adopt a leadership role, even if it was only briefly. There was a little taste of that role in Generation X when Kitty let Mercury form a search-and-rescue party and she was pretty much on the same level of respect as Chamber and Husk.

Or at least she pulls same rank??? IDK I personally wouldn't mind if the New X-Men and Generation X were considered equals since they're generally around the same age range and both have a ton of experience, but I think it's a pretty fuego take. All this to say..............I think Mercury is closest to that beacon of light and not just because she’s also a ginger.
They were co leaders during the run on New X-men (which apperantely not many liked for reasons, not saying they should like it but i do not get the dislike, oh well.)

I don't think Cessily has that spark for leadership, she seems more like the mediator type.

Surge really only works if she has someone who can handle her like Prodicgy, Dust or even X-23