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    Default Wonder Woman - If You Had To Choose 7

    You want to introduce someone to the wondrous world of Wonder Woman, but you can only choose 7 stories, arcs, books or trades to introduce to them. What do you choose?

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    1. Villainy Incorporated
    2. Gods and Mortals
    3. The Hiketeia
    4. Eyes of the Gorgon
    5. The Legend of Wonder Woman (2015)
    6. Earth One
    7. Year One

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    1. Gods and Mortals
    2. The Hiketeia
    3. Stoned
    4. Legend of Wonder Woman
    5. Warbringer
    6. League of One
    7. Year One

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    There is, after 70-plus years, seminal, definitive work, like a Dark Knight Returns, for/from the WW comics, and that is truly a shame. Most of the greatest, modern WW stories can probably be found, in other comics, like Justice League and assorted issues of Superman. Below, is a rough list of the best of WW...

    Arc "Challenge Of The Gods", G. Perez
    Second Run (all trades), G. Rucka
    Trades #1-4 (incl. 'Blood' and 'War'), B. Azzarello
    Trades: 'The Contest' and 'Fall Of An Amazon', W. M. Loebs
    Trade 'Second Genesis', J. Byrne
    Mini-series Issues #1-4 'Legend Of Wonder Woman', K. Busiek
    Assorted Issues (pre-Crisis), R. Thomas
    Assorted Issues (Mod Era), D. O'Neil
    Assorted Issues (Mod Era), M. Sekowsky
    Assorted Issues (1941-1948), C. Moulton
    Assorted Issues JLA, C. Morrison
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    I sadly don't have seven yet, but...

    1. Legend of Wonder Woman - Not only my favorite Wonder Woman book of those I've read, but one of my favorite comic books period.
    2. Wonder Woman Earth One (volume one) - If nothing else it's pretty unique and neat I think, and the art's good. Need to get around to getting volume two sometime soon...
    3. Wonder Woman Year One - Personally a far cry from the other two Wondie stories I've listed, but it's alright.

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    1. Wonder Woman: the Golden Age Omnibus, at least volume 1
    2. Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Volume 1
    3. Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Volume 2
    4. Year One
    5. Godwatch
    6. Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume 1
    7. Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume 2

    I probably would recommend some of the Azzarello trades despite my not liking large parts of it. It is too major and divisive a run for people to not check it out and form their own opinions. My dislike of it, especially compared to the rest, is the main reason I left it off. Morrison is already dicey enough but I love the art and what he did with Psycho, Etta and Paula so he trumps Azz for them at least.
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    1. Wonder Woman - The Golden Age Vol. 1 (Trade collection with the first year '41-'42 of WW stories... the real "Year One")
    2. WW Vol. 1 #269-278 (Gerry Conway's Bronze Age run that restores the classic Golden Age supporting cast and includes villains like Angle Man, Debbie Domaine Cheetah and Kobra. Classic run.)
    3. Wonder Woman by George Perez Vol. 1
    4. Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Vol. 2 (for "Eyes of the Gorgon")
    5. Who is Wonder Woman? (Alan Heinberg, Terry Dodson)

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    Idk, WW is actually pretty difficult to recommend to newbies. I think Brian Azzarello's run is really the only good option, then maybe Wonder Woman: True Amazon. It really depends on the person though and what sort of things they want.
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    As someone who only read the origin plus, I usually ask the next recommendation to read is the classic villain, but besides Ares, Cheetah, and Circe, plus some Golden Age names that I knew because they've been bringing them back like Dr. Poison, Paula von Gunther, and Dr. Psycho, I know less about her villain list than Superman or Batman.

    In general though... I already know their first appearances, so I guess after the origin and the villains, the next part is...

    Character Development. This can mean a change in goal and motivation or a significant event that affect her personally, maybe the first changing of the status quo since the origin. This could be the death of a loved one, a morality challenge, a revelation, a breakup, a marriage, a death, or maybe even a reaffirmation of what she believes in.

    You can still recommend the villain origin or definitive story, but right now I'm more interested in The Significant Event

    After arriving in Man's World, in case that isn't clear, since that's usually the Origin

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    1.) Phil Jimenez's run
    2.) George Perez's run
    3.) Greg Rucka's 2nd run
    4.) Alan Heinburg's run
    5.) John Byrne's run
    6.) Eric Luke's run
    7.) Steve Orlando's various issues
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