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    Default Deathclaw (Fallout) VS Tormentor (Might and Magic)

    A Gating of Inferno went wrong in the Ashan world, a tormentor was sent to the fallen continent after a nuclear war. A deathclaw spotted the tormentor and saw it as a prey.



    They stand roughly nine to ten feet tall, with a thick and resilient hide, powerful muscles and twelve-inch-long, razor-sharp claws that can kill almost any other creature in only a few swipes; hence their name. They have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, though their eyesight is poor. Their build gives them incredible speed, agility and strength in close combat, making them an extreme threat.




    Tormentors are servants of the Demon Overlord of Pain. They draw power from their own agony, and use their deformations to strike their enemies. The Tormentors’ skeletons are their main weapons, as they are able to tear out pieces of their body to use in combat. Their bones can elongate and project through their fingers to provide them with razor-like talons
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    Base level deathclaws can be put down with spray from a mini gun. Alpha/Chameleon/Glowing deathclaws can present challenges due to significant increases in health, stealth capability and base damage output. Of course where you are on the perk chart, what weapons you have, what kind of power armor you're wearing...all play a role so mileage may vary.

    Cant comment any on Tormentors. Feats?
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