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    Default Golden Age Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln) Appreciation

    NOTE: This is a continuation of the previous "Golden Age Human Bomb appreciation thread" which can be read here:
    From the original thread (started mid-July of 2018)
    Quote Originally Posted by MajorHoy
    Back in the days of Quality Comics, in the pages of Police Comics #1 (cover-dated August 1941), not only were readers treated to the first appearances of Firebrand (Rod Reilly), Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight), and, of course, Plastic Man ("Eel" O'Brian), but the very last feature was the introduction and origin of Roy Lincoln, better known to many readers as . . . The Human Bomb!

    [indent]to be continued . . .[/indent
    Also, from Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol. X (December 1985)

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    Back in the '70s, when The Freedom Fighters had their own title, even as a child, this struck me as one of comics wackier creations. And I loved him for it.

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