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    Default Golden Age Kid Eternity Appreciation (NOTE: not the Vertigo version) 2019

    NOTE: This is a continuation of the previous "Golden Age Kid Eternity Appreciation Thread (not the Vertigo version) " which can be read here:
    From the original thread (started in late August 2018)
    Quote Originally Posted by MajorHoy

    First introduced in Quality Comics' Hit Comics #25 (cover-dated December 1942), Kid Eternity was a nameless boy who, while in a fishing boat with his grandfather, was attacked and killed by a Nazi U-boat. Only problem was, the kid wasn't due to die until many decades later. (Ooops!)

    While "the powers that be" made a boo-boo in snatching up the kid too soon, the way they tried to rectify the mistake was by allowing the kid to return to Earth and giving him the ability to summon forth historical and fictional characters by yelling the word "ETERNITY"!

    Kid Eternity was featured in Hit Comics #25 - 60 (the last of those cover-dated September 1949) and had his own comic book that lasted for 18 issues (the last issue of that series was cover-dated November 1949).

    In the early 1970s, DC comics started reprinting some of his Quality Comics stories, and then brought him back, but in the world of the Original Captain Marvel (who had been published by Fawcett Comics back during the Golden Age).

    from SHAZAM! #27 (February 1977)

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    Kid Eternity #11 cover.


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