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Conner Hawke is certainly a possibility, and could work, but I just imagine them going with the simpler solution of finally giving Emiko the--non gendered--mantel of Green Arrow and continuing the story they already cultivated for her. To my knowledge, Connor's existence hasn't even been hinted at, and given the fact this Green Arrow and possible Leviathan seems to have been planed since Bendis came on and Snyder planed out No Justice, it would be odd to not at least hint at Conner, right?
I mean, they teased him during Percy's run so it's it's not like he wasn't hinted at, Percy just left the book before they could do anything with it.

Again, I just don't think Emiko's character is at a place where she would believably become the new Green Arrow or want to take that over her current identity. I mean, if it were planned it certainly doesn't seem to have much current build up.