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    Default Your Ideas For Wonder Woman Comics and Novels

    Post your ideas for Wonder Woman comics and books starring whatever Wonder character you like. They can be spin offs or non-continuity tales. Also feel free to suggest who you would want to write them.


    An elseworld graphic novel imagining what it would have been like if Nubia was Wonder Woman instead of Diana. Written by N.K. Jemisin.

    Wonder Girl

    A comic starring Cassie Sandsmark and Lyta Milton the daughter of Ares and Circe. by Marjorie Liu.

    The Daughter of the Stars

    Set in the world of Leigh Bardugo's Warbringer novel, this stars a Donna Troy of Filipina origin and explores her quest to save the Star Goddess, Tala.

    The Bana

    A 12 issue mini series by Doselle Young and N.K. Jemisin about the Bana with Akila as a central character, being a scientist and sorceress.

    Star Riders

    Vanessa Kapatelis finds herself an unlikely heroine when she joins the Star Riders, two nymphs from another realm to combat nefarious forces.

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    War of Olympus

    An eight issue graphic novel of the Amazons going to war against the Olympians. When Zeus realizes the Amazons are more interested in actually helping the world than bringing him more worshipers, he decides to wipe them out as punishment. Fortunately, the Amazons have allies.

    Monster City

    A novel about Zara the Ifrit, Doris the giantess, and Jack Frost in Boston.

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