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    Default Has Chris Kent ever met Conner?


    I have a question:

    Did Conner ever met Chris?

    I read a story yesterday (written without images) where Conner met Chris.
    I dont know if this ever really happened, because the text talked about 5 experiences of Conner and the other ones (Superboy getting the name Kon El, Conner milking the Cow.....) happened, so I dont know if also the Chris/Conner meeting happened.

    I dont believe it, but it was nicely written:
    Chris and Conner meeting and Chris wanted to follow in Conners Foot-steps

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    I know they met during the New Krypton Saga but Chris was an adult there.

    Can't recall if they met during that weird between panels period in Last Son or if Conner was dead at that point. I'm thinking Conner was dead and had only returned to life just before (or during) New Krypton, but at 4 AM my memory might be off.

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