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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascended View Post
    I'll be honest, as a whole Azz's run is among my absolute favorites, second only to Rucka's. Azz's take on the Amazons was horrid, but virtually everything else was fantastic and I really appreciated the more mature, slow-burn Vertigo approach, it felt more like Greek myth than superhero.
    I really like those things too.
    It's two major sticking points though, Zeus as daddy and the Amazons, are big hurdles so I can't fully embrace it. The former, love it or hate it, is at least plot relevant* but the latter is just pointless and I think the take would have lasted longer if they hadn't over reached in drumming up controversy. Like if the Amazons were technologically advanced and positive role models, would the plot change that much?** They are snakes for most of it anyway, and the male Amazons are just faceless action figures who show up at the end to help in a fight the female Amazons could have dealt with themselves. You could lift the male Amazons out of the story and it changes virtually nothing.

    *To give this run credit, even here Diana doesn't angst that much about her father and regards him as more of an absent sperm donor who is otherwise useless, and is mostly grateful she gets to meet new extended family members. She even makes friends with her father's wife, who is an abuse victim herself. If the run had ended with Diana, Hippolyta, Zola and Hera all united and calling out the bastard for what he was, and him getting his narrative punishment, the whole thing would hold together better.

    **You'd still have Aleka bullying her, but even that is implied to not be the beginning and end of their dynamic. Expand more on that and throw in the likes of Mala and Nubia as other Amazons Diana's age who don't bully her, and this would work better too IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noisebloom View Post
    Hey guys - first post here. So I've been trying to get my girlfriend to give graphic novels a shot, and I'm thinking of recommending a Wonder Woman trade to her, maybe one by Rucka as I'm a fan so I can at least vouch for his writing.

    What's a good initial jumping-on point? She would probably want to read a trade, so there's a Rucka Vol 1 from a few years ago and other Vol 1 from Rebirth. Other thoughts?
    I would point her to the gorgeous WONDER WOMAN BY PHIL JIMENEZ collection and the 3 volumes of WONDER WOMAN BY GREG RUCKA

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