Has there been trailers which changed your opinion for an upcoming film. Like you had no interest in watching a film, but a trailer was so nice, that it grabbed your attention. Or a film which you had a lot of interest in watching. But a trailer makes you think, it looks terrible.

Recently i watched a trailer for the upcoming 'Last Christmas' starring Emilia Clarke. I don't like romantic comedies. I had no interest in this film. And while the trailer makes some cardinal mistakes like showing too much, i loved it. Perhaps it was the use of the second song 'Last Christmas' which i had not heard in a long time. I was a fan of its cover by Hilary Duff,(to this day i did not know it was a cover) and it felt like a blast from the past. Or its perhaps due to the quirky character of Emilia Clarke which i liked. Or maybe its like a nice film in itself, seeing that it shows too much. Or maybe its the Asian lead. I haven't seen a Asian lead reading a romcom. But i have kept note of the film. If the reviews aren't terrible, i will go and watch it.

Generally trailers don't change my mind much. A good trailer might increase my hype for a film i was already interested in like Batman v Superman. It may bring down my interest a notch. Like the third trailer of BvS.