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    Default Disney to release ALL STAR WARS FILMS on Blu-Ray in September! Will you get?

    CBR is reporting listings on and that show that Disney will be re-releasing every Star Wars film from the 1977 original to Solo in just a month.

    The official announcement hasn't come from Disney yet, but the listings ARE on

    Given the amount of times Star Wars has been released on home video, will anyone buy this? Now that Disney owns Fox, they can release EVERY Star Wars movie -- even the first one which was not part of the Lucasfilm sale.

    Which ones of the ten releases will you get?

    - A New Hope
    - Empire Strikes Back
    - Return of the Jedi

    - Phantom Menace
    - Attack of the Clones
    - Revenge of the Sith

    - The Force Awakens
    - Last Jedi
    - Rogue One
    - Solo

    Each Blu-Ray will come with a digital code and is being touted as a "multi-screen edition." I don't know if that's anything more than what ANY movie with a digital code is.

    It is still unknown exactly what's going to be different about these releases, but does anyone think that Disney will be releasing the original trilogy in its ORIGINAL form? Should they?

    If they did, would this get you to buy these movies again?

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