So I was lurking about some fan art forum recently and came across a discussion regarding Wonder Woman fighting Mongol, and it seems a lot of people's go-to reference was the JLU episode "For the Man Who Has Everything" where Mongol beats the hell out of Diana.

Not really a surprise, I suppose, but even though Diana has been depicted holding her own against Mongol otherwise, it seemed a shame to me that this is more or less the defining "Wonder Woman vs. Mongol" reference regardless of continuity.
So I thought it would be cool if someday we got to see Diana fight Mongol "again" and prevail. Not just in a childish payback way, but Mongol is a high-profile powerhouse villain and a story where Diana comes into conflict with him could be a compelling challenge for her. Or even just a fun brawl.

And this got me thinking about other "rematches" that could be cool to see.

As a more obscure example, during the Justice League Elite mini-series, Diana fought that story's villain--an ancient New God or whatever called Eve--and...was promptly crushed off-panel.
I know some fans cringe at the idea of Diana taking other rogues--especially when her own should be utilized more--but why not bring Eve back and incorporate her into Diana's gallery? It's not like she's being used anyway. If nothing else, I wouldn't mind seeing a proper fight where maybe Diana doesn't have to, as they say in pro-wrestling, "do the job."

So are there any fights, obscure or not, that you'd like to see Diana get a rematch...even if it is just petty payback?