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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Z View Post
    The scene of Batman dodging the omega beams was followed by Superman punching Darkseid halfway across the city. Both Superman and Batman suffer from a case of being as powerful or weak as the story calls for. The same Batman that dodged Darkseid's omega beams was later shown needing a cane to walk and having heart problems.
    To be fair, this can pretty much be said for all characters everywhere.
    His current approval rating is 34%, meaning 34% of Americans are still morons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manwhohaseverything View Post
    That doesn't look like an omega beam. But, i will give you that. Yeah! Darkseid does talk big. Even, after he was beaten he calls superman the loser. Darkseid died and returned. Clark was right. Bruce was just being an idiot. They should have never interfered like Clark wanted..
    Technically, Batman was right. He said nobody could've survived that explosion, not even Darkseid. Then Superman said that Batman isn't always right.

    As it turned out, Batman was right, and that Darkseid didn't survive, and had to be resurrected magically. So in the DCAU, even when Bruce Timm says that Superman got to one-up Batman by saying Batman isn't always right, it still ended up being that Batman was right. Bruce Timm's Batman has the final say over Bruce Timm himself!

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    Let Superman be Superman not Middle-man or SoSo-man. He is as strong as the story requires, but we all know it's his heart what is the most super thing about him. I don't see people complaining about All Star Superman, and he is very strong there. It's about how well the story and the character are written. It's about his charm and lovable nature not just about his powers.

    He should be the strongest man on Earth and probably the galaxy. We don't need him turning the Earth backwards or over the top stuff like that, but I want Superman doing really incredible things while trying to save the day. And also incredible things like taking Lois to the moon just to kiss her because it's awesome and magical and few heroes can do that..

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    I have read none of this thread but the thing I like about Superman is he has no limits, and he is the exception to the idea that absolute power corrupts. In my mind Superman's greatest challenge is, since I can do anything, what is the right thing to do in every situation, especially when power is unlimited.

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