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I am sure the first Fantastic Four movie, the first Captain America movie, heck the first Punisher movie with Dolph Lundgren, and why not the first Batman serial in the '40s would be quite keen on hearing of these advantages.
Do you really need it explained to you how the pent-up demand for a Spider-Man movie would be far greater than the pent-up demand for a Punisher, Captain America or FF movie?

Do you really need it explained to you that the first FF movie, the first Captain America movie and the first Punisher movie all ranged from mediocre to outright garbage and that good movies do generally tend to out perform bad ones? And do you also need it explained to you that the Captain America movie went direct-to-video in the US as did The Punisher and that movies that actually play in theaters tend to do much better at the box office than ones that go direct to video?

And do you really need it explained to you that a serial from the '40s doesn't quite have the same advantage as a modern blockbuster? Do you also puzzle over how Richard Donner's Superman was a bigger hit than Superman and the Mole Man? That one was a groundbreaking spectacle and the other was not?

Let me put it in plainer terms: the first Raimi Spider-Man film was the first A-level, big budget treatment for Spider-Man. It had the advantage of being the first lavish, state of the art Spidey spectacle, one that promised to do the character full justice in live action. The impact of that can never be duplicated. Especially as none of the subsequent films have (wisely so) taken a radically different approach with the character.

Whether partnered with Marvel Studios or working on their own, Sony is not going to ever going to have a Spider-Man film make the kind of money domestically that the first Raimi film did. They just aren't. But that doesn't mean that that the franchise can't continue to be very successful.

I'm not against Sony having full control of having Spidey again. Sony did some fine stuff with Spidey before Marvel Studios came along and ITSV proves that they aren't reliant on Marvel to continue to make great Spidey films. But both parties should see the wisdom in extending their partnership for at least another couple of films and in making a smoother transition for fans. But hey, whatever happens, happens.