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    Default DC sponsred message board

    How long hs it been since it as closed down?

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    Many, many years. The last time I even checked those boards was when Cooke was answering questions during his New Frontier days. It's probably been a decade?

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    I left the DC message board at the time that the new 52 happened. So almost exactly eight years ago. At the time I was complaining about them rebooting every single title and not being straight with the fans--and a bunch of posters said that if I felt that way then I shouldn't be posting on the message board (even though I'd been posting for 12 years by then). And other posters didn't come to my defense, so I didn't want to be on a message board I wasn't wanted. I believe that the message board hung on for about a year after that which puts it at around 2012 sometime.
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