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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvell2100 View Post
    In DC yes.

    In Marvel, Thori is greatest. Thori kill now, yes?

    Dex Star would have something to say about that argument

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    the problem is too many krptonians together is a difficult to contain story, that a pretty large threat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exciter View Post
    Yeah, if we’re going pets ... Krypto is the best of all hero animals.
    Rex the Wonder Dog and Detective Chimp would like a word with you. Not to mention Solovar.

    But if we're just comparing Super-Family vs Bat-Family, then yes, Krypto beats out Ace the Bat-Hound by a mile.
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    I like it when there's a big supporting cast of regular people (well, Jimmy's no regular guy, but you get what I mean). I consider those people to be just as much family as the people with capes. I think that's what was the strength of classic Superman. They chose to place Superman as a kind of fish out of water in a human setting. Although that was probably advanced by the radio show and the TV show and the limitations on what they could do in that format.
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