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    Quote Originally Posted by Claude View Post
    Am I right in thinking that Mosaic has never been collected? That's the one that really seems crazy to me.
    Correct, no Mosaic collections exist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SJNeal View Post
    Correct, no Mosaic collections exist.
    We can guess the modern-day reason why Mosaic is not collected (*cough*Gerard Jones*cough*). But before THAT aspect of Jones came to light, what was the most likely reason it hadn't been collected?

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    Quote Originally Posted by j9ac9k View Post
    I suppose it would have to come from a judge or something, but I'd say reprint his stuff, and any proceeds or royalties would have to go to charities that combat the exploitation of children. Also place a note somewhere in the credits to that effect.
    Can't be done. Even by a judge.
    Cheers - CL

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    Quote Originally Posted by caj View Post
    Kind of an odd choice for a TPB considering all of the JLA and JLE issues that have still not been collected, but Justice League Quarterly issues 1-4 starring Booster Gold and his Conglomerate come together in a trade that will be released February 18, 2020.

    That is if it isn't pulled before the release date. I was actually crushed when this happened back in the 90s because it ended Blue and Gold in the pages of JLA.

    Who would have thought PRAXIS from the Conglomerate would make his way into mass media? (WARNING: some adult content)
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