For the record, I like the MCU Spider-Man better than the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. Tom Holland is great in the role. He's very likable, both as an actor and in how he portrays the character. He has embraced his role as much as RDJ embraced Tony Stark.

That said, I understand the criticisms. The MCU Spider-Man is not on the same level as the one from the comics or from Tobey McGuire. And it's not just because this version of Spider-Man doesn't have Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, or a comics accurate Ned Leeds. There are elements of the story that I feel are just bland. They lack the dramatic punch of the Sam Raimi films. And some of the portrayals of certain characters, especially Ned and "MJ," just don't seem to work.

Even so, I hope he stays in the MCU. I think there's too much money to be made from Spider-Man in the MCU for either company to drop it completely.