I'm a big fan of the Shazam family. They are really awesome and you can see the influences with a family of characters in Flash, Superman, and Batman. I think what makes the Shazam family stand out is the way they use the characters. No one character is sacrificed to prop up Billy Baton as THE ONE AND ONLY SHAZAM *coughDan Didio hates Wally cough* Mary and Freddy have their own unique personalities and costumes. The lawsuit from reading about it is funny to me. Then named Captain Marvel is selling like gangbusters and DC/National Comics is like "hold the phone, he can't do that! He's like Superman!" I think their goal wasn't so much to win the case but just stall Fawcett comics from publishing more and bleed them dry so they couldn't pay appeal after appeal. It's amazing with all the stops and starts from the 70s through now how the Shazam family endured. It was kind of sad to me that in the 90s particularly among the DC landscape in their appearances with the Justice League they were treated like glorified extras. So there is similarity from how Shazam was treated previously to how the legacy characters are treated today, but it's a good case in point that no matter how DC management tries, if fans of a character are strong enough and have a voice, they can't kill a character.