So, lets recap...Prior to Dan Didio taking over we had Jeanette Kahn as publisher. So during the 1970s through 2004, we had the Teen Titans come into their own, Superman had proposed to Lois Lane and gotten married, died and came back. Batman had Knightfall, and other good storylines. Other titles like Aquaman and Flash had former Teen Titans Aqualad and Wally Kid Flash grow into their own as Tempest and Flash, Roy Harper became Arsenal and Red Arrow. We even had another Speedy and Green Arrow was doing good. Kahn seemed like someone who respected the fans and allowed decent material to flourish. Didio takes over in 2004. 2011 we had Flashpoint and New 52 which, did we really need that? It erased character histories and in other instances put them on ice, introducing a Wally West 2.0. Then 2016, Rebirth happens, Geoff Johns has this grand vision of hope brings back Wally West and the pre-Flashpoint memories are back with characters. The Geoff Johns leaves for some mysterious reason, but is still as of today, in control of Shazam. Then whatever vision he had gets tossed. Wally becomes a murderer and put in jail, Garth gets taken out of a bar drunk during Heroes in Crisis, is last seen in Aquaman 30 and hasn't been seen since, Batman's upcoming marriage is a red herring. Roy Harper is killed. Mia Dearden is written out. Green Arrow is ended at issue 50. From what I read the writer had some plans for GA that got derailed because of Event Leviathon which it seemed he didn't agree with. Superman and Lois have a son! Great! Happy couple! Oh wait...Supes family gets broken up, he lets his son get taken away and aged up to 17. Oy vey, what a mess. On top of that Didio mocks Nightwing fans on Twitter. Nice guy. Brian Michael Bendis at Marvel ran roughshod and unchecked replaced the legacy heroes with inferior replacements and apparently brought some toxic people with him at Marvel. Then DD hires this guy to take over Superman at DC, doing the same damage that he did at Marvel. The near future does not look good. The only silver lining in this is that with the new acquisition hopefully someone can clean house with editorial appointing writers and staff who want to use these characters and listen to fans. Didio is 65. I can't think he wouldn't last much longer.