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    I'm debating whether to get any X-Book following HoX/PoX. Until I've reached a decision, that's going to affect everything else.

    I might consider Deadpool because Kelly Thompson is great. But I'm not really a Deadpool guy (I enjoy him enough, but I'm not a follower of the character).

    My probable list:
    Avengers 26 & 27 - I like the Avengers One Million BC stories for the most part. I haven't yet decided to hit a stopping point. Is Agents of Wakanda the same cosmic event or a different one?
    Captain Marvel 12 - I'm curious what direction this will head in. It's very much a Vs. story but kind of an Enemy of the State story as well.
    Invaders 11 - This has been great so far.
    Black Panther 18 - I think the pace is terrible for this. We're getting crucial explanations 18 issues in. But I'm very curious where this will end up.
    Daredevil 13 - Fisk has kind of become a supporting character. Zdarsky has been crushing it so far.

    I'm also getting the reprint of the first X-Men Epic Collection. I see that Silver Surfer: Black is getting a Treasury Edition. I'm not buying it, but I think it makes sense since the art is the real draw of that book.
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    I will be buying these Marvel Comics.

    New Mutants#1.
    Amazing Spider-Man#33,34.
    2099 Alpha #1.
    Black Cat#6.
    Black Cat Annual #1.
    Fantastic Four#16.
    Immortal Hulk#26,27.
    History of the Marvel Universe#5.
    Savage Sword of Conan#11.
    Conan The Barbarian#11.

    And if i liked the previous issues i might be buying these as well:
    New Mutants #2.
    Ghost Rider#2.
    Doctor Doom#2.

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