I know it might be sensitive to talk, but it's still something interesting to talk about.

Wonder Woman has long been the symbol of feminism and the leading star of superheroine in comics, but did Marston create her from some dark fantasy reason? Especially bondage, I read some of the materials and think Marston did intend to create a powerful heroine. However his reason was not to show feminism, but gave the male readers some reason to enjoy the comic.

Maybe this had affected the character's "attractiveness" and "popularity" a little bit after she became the symbol of feminism and to take these elements away? Especially on villains, it's very reasonable that both good and bad ppl found WW attractive, as it happened in many of the male hero's story. But it's not allowed in WW's comic other than a few weak and ugly baddies(Dr. Psycho maybe is the most famous one).

Some of the WW adaptions had also shown such elements to attract ppl. Even the TV series has a few episodes which gave ppl long time fantasy. Many people are not clear of Wonder Woman's story other than a little bit from the TV show and the movies. But at the same time she is many ppl's most fantasized fictional character, it can be proven by the large amount of fanfics, more than any other fictional woman I've seen.

So maybe from the beginning, part of Wonder Woman's success has something to do with her attractiveness and fantasy dark elements?