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    Default Tsukasa Shishio vs Thorkell the Tall

    Dr. Stone's Tsukasa Shishio takes on Vinland Saga's Thorkell the Tall in Unarmed combat.

    One can send a Lion flying with a punch and the other can uppercut a horse and send it into the air as well. Which beast takes it? Manga/Anime feats for both (tho Thorkell has yet to show up in the anime).

    2nd fight: Tsukasa gets a spear and Thorkell gets an axe.

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    I mean Thorkell will be a happy man at the challenge.

    I think he's faster than Tsukasa, I can't remember any speed feats that would put him on the level of "I'm-a-blur-of-axes-and-death,"

    Thorkell is also vastly more experienced than Tsukasa as well and bigger and taller so I'd personally back him.
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