As Spiderman exits the MCU, is it time we all admit the truth that the real appeal of a cinematic crossover is only truly appealing to comic book characters no one ever heard about? Marvel had Spiderman, X-Men , Daredevil and Fantastic 4. They were their well known marvel characters, so they got sold off to different studios with the least chance of a crossover universe.

DC had Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, not once was it ever a possibility that Batman needed to appear in superman 1978. I know DC toiled with a JL movie in the 90s but nothing came off it and if anything had, it was not meant to be like Avengers.

Are crossovers cinematic movies as highly appealing as some people make them out to be in a broader context when it concerns superhero IPs that were already established. Is this the reason many people who grew up liking of X-Men, Batman, Spiderman movies or their comics are usually the last people to get onboard with a crossover universe at the expense of loosing the unique appeal of those heroes and DC now wants to reboot Batman with Robert Pattinson without zero guarantee he would be part of the DCEU.

Spiderman leaving the MCU has opened such a complicated conversation about superhero movies, I don' t think many of us are ready for it, regardless on what side you are on