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    Default Question about what is the current PRESENT in DC

    dont know how to ask the question, but I hope you will understand it:

    Does someone know which ACTUAL comics are in the past, present, future?

    I mean Doomsday Clock was delayed, so do the actual Comics play AFTER Doomsday Clock?

    I mean YJ could play in the in the past of Batman, because we have seen YJ in a Batman Issue and Tim is also in Batman 76.

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    At this point, who knows?
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    I think DC is playing with the idea that the events in Doomsday Clock are happening "outside of time", so to speak. So, the stuff happening in the comics right now could be happening before or after the events of Doomsday Clock.

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    Since multiple big events are happening simultaneously, which tends to happen a lot at DC & Marvel, it's always difficult to figure out which big event is happening first. In the end, it doesn't really matter until the story is finished, then readers and creators can sort out which one took place first.

    Event Leviathan seems to be taking place during the events of the Unity Saga, which is why Superman was off planet. My guess is that City of Bane takes place prior to Young Justice, which takes place concurrently with Justice/Doom War, although we'll probably have to wait until both those stories are done to know for sure.

    As for Doomsday Clock, the idea is that those events are taking place a year into the future of the DCU, although, given the timey whimey nature of the story, I think it's very likely that it will eventually exist as a dark potential future that is averted after Superman & Dr. Manhattan's climactic final confrontation.

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    The current comics, Fromy my observations, seem to happen after Doomsday Clock. Shortly after, but still after.
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