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    Default What is your ideal direction for the next Superman movie?

    I'm not sure if this is appropriate for its own thread (there could be another existing thread that touches this or maybe pure speculation for a movie with no word in sight of what WB wants done may not be thread-worthy) but it's been on my mind so I thought I'd try a thread about this

    What is your ideal for the next Superman movie? Cavill still in the suit but a soft-reboot? Cavill still in the suit, proper sequel to MOS? Full on reboot? Something else? Do you have any talent (directors, writers, actors, etc) you want to be involved with the project?

    I've been watching scenes from Superman Returns lately and I feel there are great lessons from that film the next Superman movie could incorporate into it. The scene where Superman is in space and listening to all the sound down on earth and then charges down to help someone is beautiful. I know it's a flawed movie but I kind of feel like there is gold in that movie that largely goes unappreciated and I think that gold could provide good direction for the next Superman film. I'm curious if some sort of adaptation of Superman For All Seasons would work. Something that really shows the heart of Superman and his key relationships
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